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FSLC Founder T.W. “Rick” Richards Passes

FSLC is deeply saddened by the passing of our Founder and 15 + year Board President, T. W. “Rick” Richards.

In the early 1990s, Rick Richards and Dennis Smith shared a vision to bring interest in the San Leandro Creek back to the community, thus inspiring them to form the group, Friends of San Leandro Creek. Rick and his wife Pam were instrumental in bringing the walkway to the creek at Root Park in 1996 and the mural, “Nature’s Hidden Treasure” in 1998. Many other projects and community events were brought to fruition through the foresight of Mr. Richards. Mr. T. W. “Rick” Richards was President of the FSLC Board from 1994 until 2010.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Richards Family.



063 065 067 069 071 075Thanks very much to all of you that came out to support the Friends and to learn how to drought-proof your yards. Stephen Andrews from Bay Friendly Landscaping and Gardening Coalition was so knowledgeable and FUNNY! He truly is the Soil Sommelier! Thanks also to our wonderful tablers, and 80 attendees, including San Leandro Councilmembers, Lopez, Cox and Lee.



Creek Trail Master Plan Study – Thursday October 29

Please come to the 1st meeting regarding the San Leandro Creek Trail Study and get the FACTS! Have you heard or read rumors about the study? They are inaccurate! All of your concerns and questions will be addressed at this first of 14 public meetings. Join us on Thursday, October 29 at 6:30-8:00 PM in the Estudillo Room at the San Leandro Main Library. See the below flyer for many more details.

SL Creek Trail Flyer for Community Meeting on October 29 2015


This Saturday is the Environmental Forum class to learn how to Drought Proof your garden! Hit the link above and get your name on the list of participants for this exciting FREE class!

Stephen Andrews of Bay-Friendly Landscaping and Gardening Coalition will lead us in a fun, hands-on “Lawn Alternative” program. Not only will we show you how to get rid of that water-guzzling greenery, we will have contractors available for those of you without shovel-skills.

california-drought-tolerant-plants   california_drought_capital smallest






If you have read the SL Times and have questions about what the buzz of a creek trail is all about, look no further! Please read the following link put out by the City of San Leandro as an official response to rumors and inaccurate info that have surfaced. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call me at 510-577-6069 or City Planner, Anjana Mepani at 510-577-3348.

Press Release-San Leandro Creek Master Plan


928Susan accepts gift basket for Fest graciously donated from Carlton Plaza


Beautiful day for a Festival!





“Lucky Fish” a native rainbow trout was found under the bridge at Root Park!

us37ZSH9-bwC61arB1FkkKdYaMyDR3fUQ-RBgyilFYQ,231lKaEwOF3YIlB9fRLQgyjBBr3F7GM7KlITo0mkM8k[1] Merritt College students gave 3 AWESOME interpretive walks!

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The Oakland Zoo and Sulphur Creek Nature Center join us for the day.

xR0syMKoIdTfb26x6DMLIEhIvj_Rdw2sE9P1pcKrIug[1]   Lots of prizes!

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Eucalyptus Tree Removal

Please check out the following site at Alameda County and their Vegetation Management Report(VMP). It is a comprehensive look at trees along the creek which have all been rated for safety.  

VMP management actions include assessing trees; pruning branches that have the potential to fail; removing hazardous trees that are in danger of failing; and monitoring trees for changes in condition. In addition, the VMP includes preserving native vegetation; removing invasive species; site rehabilitation; erosion control; re-vegetation; and maintenance and monitoring. The VMP will be implemented over a period of several years, and will be updated regularly to reflect changing conditions along San Leandro Creek.”

All written comments must be received by 4:00 PM on March 30, 2015

Send comments to: Kwablah Attiogbe (, or mail them to Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, 399 Elmhurst Street, Hayward, CA 94544, Attn: Kwablah Attiogbe.