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Mosquito abatement efforts on San Leandro Creek

Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District regularly inspects and controls mosquitoes in and along San Leandro Creek, from the Willow Park Golf Course where the creek flows into Chabot Reservoir to the tidal interface near the San Leandro Bay. Read more >>


A Quick Guide To Potential Creek Pollution Problems
How do you know when you’ve spotted a problem? Read more >>

Yard Information

No matter where you live you’re part of a watershed. In the San Leandro Creek watershed all water flows into San Leandro Creek, and eventually to San Francisco Bay. Read more >>

Important Numbers

Listed are a few phone numbers that will come in handy in helping to keep our creek and city maintained. Read more >>

Watershed Awareness

The San Leandro Creek Watershed Awareness Program is a comprehensive watershed education program in which citizens exchange information and ideas about their watersheds, and participate in protecting a creek at a grass-roots level. Read more >>