In 2019 I was lucky to take the California Naturalist Class through Cal. It was an awesome and very rewarding class. I just received this link to a podcast ‘starring” my wonderful classmate Rick, who did this interview with “Love What you Love”. He spoke not only about the program, but about ideas, talks, walks and other fun nature stuff that you might love too. The link will get you to Rick’s interview plus a bunch of other things folks love. Really cool 🙂

Here’s his note and the link:

Earlier this year I was invited to share my enthusiasm for nature and the CalNat program with the host of a great podcast “Love What You Love”.  The episode was just released, and I thought I’d share a link along with special thanks to the sponsors, teachers, classmates and affiliated organizations from our 2019 Class.  Hope you’re all getting out in nature (safely) during these unusual times!  Here’s the link:

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