If you have already have, or want to convert your yard into a California Native garden, the Druids have a huge plant selection for sale. Please go and support the SLz Garden, those awesome Druids and buy some beautiful plants, shrubs and even tree-starts. Our good friend Steve Wiley and the SLzHS Druids have a spectacular native garden and lots of inventory to choose from (see link to plant list below). Steve and the kids have been working in the greehouse through the pandemic to raise money for student activities. Prices are good and the students are so proud of their work. 

Email Steve Wiley at stevewiley63@yahoo.com for more information and to make an appointment. The garden store will be open Saturday afternoons and weekdays during after school hours. The garden and greenhouse are located at San Lorenzo High on Lewelling Blvd in San Lorenzo. Use the Ashland Ave parking lot. 

SLzHS Nursery Inventory-05_02