As Coordinator of FSLC, I will never sell you anything. That’s not my job. But, if I find something that is wonderful, I will share it with you. If you’re looking at this site, you care about lowering your carbon footprint. Here’s a simple and delish way to do that. I’ve been sold on Tera Farms for over two years and have a drop-off point at my home in Castro Valley. Why do I love it? That’s easy: our two farmers are women, plus all the facts below.  You can start your own drop off point; there is none currently in San Leandro, or come to Castro Valley Saturday mornings. I endorse it, believe in it and my diet is all the better for it!                           See graphic below, made by a Bay Area high school student:


How to Order Your Farm Box
 Click here to shop from Monday 4 PM – Wednesday 9 PM                                                                                                         Select Neighborhood Site CAREFULLY at checkout.                                                                                                        Make sure to use your correct email and complete your order                                                                                                   Your email confirmation has your order pickup details –
 address, site host contact information and a link to the delivery time update page.
 How to Pick Up on Saturdays:                                                                                                                                          Your farm box arrives on Saturday morning at your neighborhood site, the exact time of delivery is updated here.   
You will receive a Sat morning reminder email.  Your order number and name is on the box. Pick up your box quickly – produce is fantastically fresh & fades outside. 
Help support the farmers. Spread the word  – Post on Nextdoor / Facebook and Instagram. Tell your friends. 
Tera Farm is a nonprofit that helps local farms sell directly through a farm box service.                                                         All Organic, 100% local, 100% seasonal.                                                                                                                                  You pick your produce. Box is completely customized by you each week.                                                                                No subscriptions. You decide each week if you want to order. No extra handling
Packed on the farm, not handled in warehouses.                                                                                                                Extremely fresh. Delivered within hours of harvest from farms near you.                                                                               30 sites in the Bay Area and Monterey Peninsula run by volunteers                                                                                 100% of all proceeds goes to the farmer. Your shopping dollars directly benefit the lives of local organic farmers.
 Join the mailing list at  and support your local farmer today.

Thank you and HAPPY SHOPPING  !