Watershed Awareness

The San Leandro Creek Watershed Awareness Program is a comprehensive watershed education program in which citizens exchange information and ideas about their watersheds, and participate in protecting a creek at a grass-roots level. The goals of the Watershed Awareness Program are to:

  • Educate, inform and inspire people to act on behalf of their communities in protecting and enhancing the creeks in their watersheds
  • Establish a community information exchange in order to increase knowledge and public awareness of the effects human activities have on creeks and the Bay
  • Encourage and work with citizens, who, through their activity, help to raise the watershed awareness of others in their communities.
  • Reduce pollutants in urban runoff

The program, begun in April of 1993, includes many different projects.

Watershed Cultural and Environmental History Booklet and Display
A booklet, San Leandro Creek: 1853 – 1993, was created and 2000 copies printed. The booklet describes two walks up San Leandro Creek, one in 1853 and one in 1993.

Watershed Signs
20 signs, 30 x 36 inches, with a rainbow trout logo and text reading “You are now in the San Leandro Creek Watershed” were installed around the perimeter of the watershed and by the Creek.

Creek Clean-Ups
The clean-ups involve citizens of all ages in removing debris from the creek five to six times a year.

Creek Tours/Walks
Naturalist-led creek tours and/or walks are popular components of the program. Naturalists lead groups along the creek, identifying plants, birds, insects and animal tracks along the way. The tours have also included identifying spots of erosion, dumping, and information about local history as well.

For more information about the San Leandro Creek Watershed Awareness Program please call: (510) 577-6069
or write to us at:
Friends of San Leandro Creek
C/O RHSD  835 East 14th Street
San Leandro, CA 94577