Adopt a Bird Box

You and your family can adopt one of twelve bird boxes at Chabot Park in San Leandro! These boxes were speciallly made by a local Eagle Scout for his Eagle project. They are made specifically for “cavity nesting ” birds. These are small bird species that prefer to build their nexts in a cavity – a hollow space such as in an old tree, or one of our boxes. We are hoping to attract birds such as Western blue birds, tree swallows, chestnut backed chickadees and titmice. They will be an asset to the park and help keep down insects along the creek. We will be monitoring each box in nesting season and collecting data for 1 of several National birding groups, such as Cornell:

You can adopt a box for a suggested $50.00 per year amount, or $90.00 for two years. We hope to have plaques made on location telling who the adopting family is. If you or a family member want to assist in monitoring your box, please let us assist you in making that happen!


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